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"EVERY experience my family has had at Plaza Dental Group has been amazing. The office staff is extremely polite and helpful." - Amy L.
"The staff are extremely nice, understanding & very informative. There was no waiting at all. When I called to make an appointment I was seen the same day.”-Amanda H.
"Once you walk in you will find complimentary drinks and a positive, professional environment." - Mike M.
"I just can't say a single bad word about my experience with Plaza Dental! I look forward to my appointments." - Camille R.

Specialized Care Beyond Compare


At Plaza Dental Group, we are committed to making your dental care experience the best it can be.  We’d love to hear from you!  Click here to write a review.



Great Visit!!!!

“I saw Michelle, a dental hygienist, today who cleaned my teeth and was extremely personable and informative about what home care I need to do in order to prevent gingivitis.  I brought my 4 yr old with me and Dr. Lisenby talked with her and looked at my teeth.  It was an extremely positive experience for her at such a young age."

Elizabeth McKinney


LOVE Plaza Dental Group!

“EVERY experience my family has had at Plaza Dental Group has been amazing. My children began seeing Dr. Lisenby in 2008, and they have always had a good experience, whether the news about their teeth is good or bad. I just started seeing Dr. Lisenby as well, and cannot say enough good things about him and the entire staff at Plaza Dental Group. The office staff is extremely polite and helpful. The hygienists and assistants are personable and really put you at ease. Everyone always provides plenty of information about the visit and takes the time to answer all questions. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!”

Amy Lowe


Thank You Plaza Dental

“I am actually thrilled with Dr. Lisenby and staff.  He is knowledgeable, skillful, gentle and caring of his patients.  My particular problem has been dealt with in a very positive way including extra visits without charge.  He spends time clearly explaining the diagnosis and treatment with a positive outlook.  I would clearly recommend Plaza Dental."

Sandra Carlson


Amazing Trip to the Dentist

“Lillian had a great experience at the dentist today.  It was her first visit and the staff at Plaza Dental were amazing with her.  She wanted to come back again tomorrow for the cotton candy toothpaste! :) We highly recommend Plaza Dental 4 Kids."

Lillian Thies


Best place for children!

“My son looks forward to going to the dentist and I think that is great. He was giggling the whole time we were there. It makes going to the dentist a fun experience instead of a scary one. Dr. Pickens does a great job and so do his staff.”

Brody Stranz


Great experience!

“I just can’t say a single bad word about my experience with Plaza Dental! Dr. Lisenby is an excellent and very professional dentist. Dr. Lisenby’s concern for my comfort and understanding of all the steps in keeping up with my oral health actually makes me look forward to my appointments.”

Camille Ronchetto


Knowledgeable and compassionate

“I was thoroughly impressed with everybody who helped me. Dr. Harden is knowledgeable and compassionate and great at what he does. I am very pleased with my experience and plan to recommend all of my friends and family to make an appointment.”

Chelsea Cupp


Great staff and good environment

“All members of the staff were friendly, and no one gave off an impression that they would rather be doing something else, such as eating lunch. Dr. Harden was friendly, cheerful, and very descriptive about everything; he even took time to define some of the jargon that was used. The dental hygienists were friendly as well, easy to talk too, and happy to describe a particular tool I had never seen before. They were also very knowledgeable about the various procedures Plaza Dental provides. Everything was conducted in a timely manner and the secretaries made sure to let me know if insurance would cover an exam and cleaning before the appointment, instead of waiting until I got there. All of the equipment looked up to date (making things much smoother and quicker) and clean, and the entire complex was organized well and not straight from the 80s. On a different note, the way the waiting rooms are set up is nice. Initially, I was a little nervous that rambunctious children from Kids Plaza Dental center would overflow into Plaza Dental. This is not the case. Even though the wall is pretty much all arch, everything is divided nicely and the chances are low that an energetic ball of a kid will come crashing through. Overall, a good experience and pleasant atmosphere.”

Christine Hurley


Special doctor for my special-needs child

“Dr. Pickens and staff are very gentle and understanding of my child who has multiple special needs. I never felt rushed and all of my questions were answered. Dr. Pickens did a great job working with my child who has oral aversion and sensory processing problems.”

Collin Miller


A pleasure, even for a dentaphobe!

“I am someone who has a SEVERE fear of dentists and all things related to going to the dentist, so having to go to Plaza Dental Group several years ago for major dental work was NOT my idea of a good time! I must say that Dr. Lisenby, Michelle, and everyone else who has been so kind to me at this practice has really made a difference in my dental experience. I still can’t say that I enjoy going to the dentist, but I can honestly say that I DO enjoy going for my regular check-ups and cleanings because Michelle and Dr. L. are so thoughtful and friendly that they make me feel comfortable and welcomed, and they do everything to make me feel safe. After going to Plaza for several years now, I enjoy going for my regular visits (I still get nervous if I have to have ‘work’ done, but I am not as tense or frightened as I was before, even on those rare occasions). I can honestly say that, if you are a fellow ‘denatphobe,’ try Plaza Dental Group and Dr. Lisenby; you won’t regret it!”

Debra Crouse


5 plus stars

“It was my first time at the Plaza Dental. Great friendly people, will return in the future. Dr. Harden was a super dentist. Thank you all for great service.”

Diane Lewis


Wonderful service and very helpful staff

“I came to Plaza Dental Group after finding their office in my insurance online listing of providers. I was experiencing a severe toothache and looking for help. I had been uncertain if I would be able to receive service that day, due to not having the funds to pay my deductible up front and not having an appointment; however, the very helpful staff were happy to help me arrange a payment plan and got me in very quickly the same morning to have my services done. The dentist and dental hygienist that worked with me were both excellent, very reassuring, and I had very little discomfort during the procedure. They also helped to schedule my follow-up appointment and an appointment for my husband before I left. I’m very glad I found Plaza Dental and would (and have) recommend it to all my friends and family.”

Jennifer Reever


Very professional and happy environment!

“Once you walk in, you will find complimentary drinks and a positive professional environment. Everyone there is very nice and has a smile on. They are very prompt and ready for you once you enter. I don’t believe I have experienced a more enjoyable time at the dentist. I would highly recommend to everyone.”

Mike McGuire

State required disclaimer: Cosmetic dentistry and tooth whitening are specialty areas not recognized by the ADA and require no specific educational training to advertise these services. Dr. Lisenby and Dr. Harden are general dentists. Dr. Pftitzinger, Dr. Pickens, Dr. Arun and Dr. Misischia are dental specialists.

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