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"EVERY experience my family has had at Plaza Dental Group has been amazing. The office staff is extremely polite and helpful." - Amy L.
"The staff are extremely nice, understanding & very informative. There was no waiting at all. When I called to make an appointment I was seen the same day.”-Amanda H.
"Once you walk in you will find complimentary drinks and a positive, professional environment." - Mike M.
"I just can't say a single bad word about my experience with Plaza Dental! I look forward to my appointments." - Camille R.
oral surgery specialist

Specialized Care Beyond Compare

Oral Surgery Specialist

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are dental specialists who diagnose and medically or surgically treat diseases, injuries, and defects of the face, jaws and teeth

Oral surgeons require up to six additional years of hospital-based training after the completion of dental school. With specialized knowledge of pain control and advanced training in anesthesia, the oral and maxillofacial surgeon is able to provide care with maximum patient comfort and safety in an office setting.

IV Sedation

We recognize that some of our patients may feel anxious or apprehensive about undergoing oral surgery. Our doctors and staff work very hard to make sure that you will have a  comfortable, positive experience,

There are different types of sedation used at Plaza Dental Group, and you and our doctors will work together to decide on a sedation plan that will make you extremely comfortable during treatment.

Visit our page on Dental Sedation 

Wisdom Teeth

wisdom teeth
Third molars (also called wisdom teeth) are usually the last teeth to develop. They are located in the very back of your mouth and usually struggle to erupt due to jaw space. They typically complete development between the ages of 15 and 20.  They are  removed in the late teens or early twenties when roots are not fully formed and the bone around them is less dense.  These two factors can make their extraction easier many times reducing post-operative discomfort, risks and recovery time for the patient.

If wisdom teeth are not removed, many patients develop gum tenderness, swelling, or even severe pain. Problems chewing and swallowing sometimes occur.  Impacted wisdom teeth that are partially or fully erupted tend to be quite difficult to clean and are susceptible to tooth decay, recurring gum infections, and gum disease.

Other diseases can also arise in association with an impacted wisdom tooth. Cysts are fluid-filled soft tissue balloons inside the jawbone, which are associated with impacted wisdom teeth. They slowly expand and destroy adjacent jawbone and adjacent tooth roots.. They can be very difficult to treat if your wisdom teeth are not removed in your teenage years. Additionally, although rare, tumors can be associated with impacted wisdom teeth.

Although controversial, many doctors feel that impacted wisdom teeth directly contribute to crowding of your teeth, which is most noticeable in the front teeth, and usually the lower front teeth. This is most commonly seen after a patient has had braces. Most likely a number of factors can cause teeth to crowd after braces or in early adulthood; retained, impacted wisdom teeth can easily play a contributory role.

Each situation is unique. Your doctor will take a panoramic X-ray to determine whether your wisdom teeth will need to be removed. If your doctor recommends removal of your wisdom teeth, it is best to have them removed sooner rather than later.

Once your wisdom teeth have been extracted, the healing process begins. Healing time varies depending on the degree of difficulty related to the extraction and patient age. Your doctor will let you know what to expect and will provide instructions for a comfortable, efficient healing process.

State required disclaimer: Cosmetic dentistry and tooth whitening are specialty areas not recognized by the ADA and require no specific educational training to advertise these services. Dr. Lisenby and Dr. Harden are general dentists. Dr. Pftitzinger, Dr. Pickens, Dr. Arun and Dr. Misischia are dental specialists.

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